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Endorsed by local non-profit executives (100 employees) to those leading international for-profit companies (10,000 employees).

Rick brought a unique, strategic perspective to business problems, making him a valuable thought partner. You could always count on him to roll up his sleeves and get work done as well. Personally, I appreciated his down-to-earth style and the sense of humor he brought to work situations.

  • VP Operations - Manufacturing


Rick very quickly assessed our organizational needs and delivered innovative solutions.  These helped us to assess candidates for key roles, review manager/executive talent against strategy, and improve recruiting at all levels.It was a pleasure working with Rick. I would welcome the chance to do it again

  • Chief Administrative Officer - Non-Profit


Rick is a very valuable and trustworthy member of our team.  Until he came along, I didn’t believe it was possible for a person to gain the trust and respect of an entire site in such a short time frame. He did it. And it was long, late hours - his work ethic is humbling.

  • Excerpt from GM email to CEO - Engineering Firm


Rick was a source of creative solutions - especially on changes to our compensation practices, The solutions he delivered to our HR department were both strategic and practical - and have made a big difference!

  • Compensation Manager - Non-Profit


Our HR department became more efficient, closer to the business, and ultimately a source of strategic change under Rick's leadership. As the HR team became more relevant, he listened carefully to ideas, asked questions, and involved all the right people along the way. I personally learned a lot from him during my time on his team and would welcome the chance to work with him again.

  • Former Direct Repot - International Services Organization


Rick has a way of cutting through the noise to get at real issues and practical solutions.  Rick is also great with people – building relationships and making meaningful connections.

  • Colleague/Peer - SHRM Mentorship Program


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