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What We Offer...and Why

  • You are clear on your vision.

  • You worked hard to help your employees understand it.

  • But you wonder if there's a better way to help them help you.

  • There is!

  • ​We can help you engage your people to accelerate progress toward your vision.

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A Deep Dive on Our Services
- More Details & Our Perspective -

Validated Assessment Tools


Validating your selection process according to legal and professional standards  represents the core of our offering - along with embedding your strategy. Some of the solutions we've validated include:


  • Personality

  • Problem Solving

  • Specialized Skills (Vigilance, Spatial, etc.)

  • Certification/Technical


Simulations/Work Samples​

Interview Protocols

Reference-Checking Guides

...and others.

Our team of I/O Psychologists and Psychometricians will deliver legally-defensible assessment tools...and more confidence in the selection decisions you make. 

Aligned Compensation & Rewards


"Total Rewards" is a commonly-used phrase in our business.  While it represents a valuable perspective in terms of leveraging this important element of your HR programs, it is critical to start with an overall rewards strategy at the outset.


Why?  If your business competes via product innovation, for example, you might consider different rewards programs for product management and design roles.

We can help you establish a rewards strategy that supports your business strategy.  Then we'll roll up our sleeves to help you and configure base, merit, bonus, incentives, benefits, and recognition programs to advance your business.

The result - a complementary suite of reward programs tailored to your organizational strategy.

Enhanced Information & Work Flows

While structure represents a very tangible element of business performance, it represents only one of several pieces necessary to accelerate progress toward your vision for the business.  Some other vital considerations:

  • Processes - Information and workflow

  • Strategy - How to deliver your vision

  • Culture - Employees' commonly-held expectations

  • Business Metrics - Financial and others

  • Talent Practices - Performance, selection, development, rewards, etc.

Deciding how to synchronize these five areas with structure represents a complex set of tradeoffs.  Our team offers many years of experience in this area including a structured methodology to facilitate leadership teams through these tradeoffs.

"Culture eats strategy for breakfast." (P. Drucker)

"Unless they work together." (Us)

We've helped organizations accelerate culture change by:

  • Defining current culture in concrete terms.

  • Defining a strategy-based culture in concrete terms.

  • Leveraging change management frameworks to create a change blueprint and execution plan.

  • Embedding strategic culture into the organization's talent programs.


Organizational leaders can expect to:​

  • Hold each other accountable for a) their own culture-specific behavior and b) plan execution

  • Explain "why" indefinitely.

  • Give the workforce time to adapt.

  • Visibly reward progress and celebrate wins.

  • Address those that cannot or will not adapt.

Your workforce will behave differently over time.


Culture, let us introduce you to Strategy.

It's about the dialogue!

Most companies focus the myriad of tactics associated with performance management.  Scale definitions, timing/intervals, relative v. absolute evaluations, user instructions, definitions, weighting, averages, merit matrices, comprehensiveness, and other topics consume valuable executive time.


While these and other tactics are important, we take the position that they need only be "good enough" to facilitate a meaningful conversation between manager and employee.

Making content and mechanics "perfect" makes the process unwieldy and confusing for your employees.  They need something easy to use and clear enough to guide the conversation.

The hard part is making organizational strategy part of the dialogue.  We can help here, along with our unique expertise in in measurement and scaling, psychometrics, goal-setting, and content validation.

Strategic Employee Growth

It's not just training.

Embedding strategic behavior into your workforce is best accomplished through a complementary suite of skill diagnostics and associated development solutions.

Our team brings expertise in measurement and learning to facilitate workforce growth:

Skill Diagnosis/Measurement Solutions:

  • Needs Analysis

  • 360/180 Degree Assessments

  • Talent Reviews

  • Succession Planning

  • Testing/Simulations

Learning and Development Solutions:

  • Training

  • Directed Dialogue/Q&A

  • Coaching

  • Developmental Placements

  • Job Rotations

  • Mentoring

  • Community College/University Partnerships

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