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Hello Again!

"Is Your Company Culture a Competitive Advantage?" Powerpoint slides -


I hope you had as much fun as I did during our session!  More importantly, I hope you left with a little more clarity regarding culture, strategy, and the value of aligning them.

I would welcome the opportunity to continue the dialogue with you on this or any other HR/OE/Talent issue.  No sales pressure from me - promise.  Coffee's my treat!

You can find the slides we reviewed here. Enjoy!

Rick Park

P.S. - I'm afraid I didn't write down the name of the person who guessed "Skinner".  ("Paul" maybe?) Email me to get your gift card!!

Is Your Company Culture a Competitive Advantage?
- December 13, 2023 -

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Your responses will help to facilitate a more meaningful learning experience.  To preserve anonymity, we aren't asking for any identifying information.  Your responses will be combined with those from other participants to ensure confidentiality.


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See you at the session!

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